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419 L3C’s IN THE US

According to a recent report from our good friends at L3C Intersector Partners the L3C movement is growing. There are now 419 L3Cs in the US. Below is the breakdown by state. Click here for the full report.

169 L3Cs organized in Vermont (since April 2008)
93 L3Cs organized in Michigan (since January 2009)
25 L3Cs organized in Wyoming (since February 2009)
36 L3Cs organized in Utah (since March 2009)
1 L3C organized – Oglala Sioux Tribe (since July 2009)
63 L3Cs organized in Illinois (since January 2010)
22 L3Cs organized in North Carolina (since August 2010)
8 L3Cs organized in Louisiana (since August 2010)
2 L3Cs organized – Maine (starting July 2011)
0 L3Cs organized – Rhode Island (starting July 2012)
419 social entrepreneurs blazin’ a path

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