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B Corps, Benefit Corporations and More: Turning The Traditional Business Model On Its Head from CSRB @ Lokey School of Business on Vimeo.


This fall you have not one, but two, opportunities to attend a live lecture about the legal structures for social enterprise in New York City. Click on the date below for more details.


October 11th / 7:00 PM / Skillshare HQ

November 8th / 7:00 PM / General Assembly 


Class Description:

Have a great idea for social innovation, but trying to figure out whether it should be a nonprofit or a for-profit? Have you heard something about these new hybrid legal structures but can’t figure out what the heck they do? If so this course is for you! We’ll be digging into:

  • 501(c)(3)
  • L3C
  • Benefit Corporation
  • B Corp Certification
  • LLC
  • Corporation
This course is taught by Kyle Westaway. Kyle believes in the power of the market to create a positive social and environmental change. He has helped build Biographe – a sustainable style brand that employs and empowers survivors of the commercial sex trade. Kyle is the founding partner at Westaway Law – an innovative New York City law firm that counsels social entrepreneurs.Kyle is a Cordes Fellow. He lectures at Harvard Law School and Stanford Law School. He launched Socentlaw – a blog about the legal side of social enterprise. Kyle has been featured by We Are NY Tech and Dowser; and writes for Huffington Post, GOOD, and Social Earth. He is Chairman of the Board for both the Excel Charter School in Brooklyn and The Adventure Project – a nonprofit that seeks to add venture capital to social entrepreneurs in the developing world.


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Today is an exciting day in the world of social enterprise law because it marks the first day of a weekend-long summit of top social enterprise attorneys from around the country. These attorneys have flown into Boulder to spend the weekend brainstorming about how they can collaborate together to serve the emerging sector of social enterprise more effectively and more efficiently. Regardless of the outcome, social entrepreneurs around the nation should be expecting an innovative approach to legal services. And of course, if there are any announcements coming out of this weekend, you’ll hear it here first.

In the mean time, you should get to know some of the attorneys involved:

Jenny Kassan

Bruce Campbell

Brian Howe

Jochem Tans

Kendall Thiessen

Kyle Westaway

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