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Last month I blogged about the collaboration between students at Georgetown Law and Ashoka to prepare legal case studies of two social enterprises. The legal case studies can now be found on the Social Enterprise & Nonprofit Law Clinic’s website here (links to the case studies are about three-quarters down the page as “examples of social enterprise”). The first legal case study examines innovative capital raising models undertaken by a social enterprise that provides solar power to communities in developing countries. Topics discussed include:
• Crowdfunding
• Securities Regulation
• Joining an Accelerator

The second legal case study explores the organizational structure and governance mechanisms employed by a wind farm social enterprise that partners with communities to facilitate their direct participation in the development of renewable energy from their collective community assets. Topics discussed include:
• Anchoring Social Missions with Legal Tools
• U.K. Community Interest Companies
• Avoiding Mission Drift Through Corporate Governance
• Engaging Communities and Mobilizing Community Assets


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