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Georgetown Law students from my Social Entrepreneurship & The Law practicum course will be presenting their final projects — legal case studies of two social enterprises — at Ashoka tomorrow. Here’s the invitation: Ashoka + Georgetown Law Invitation. Please note that the event is NOT open to the public to attend in person but you can listen in on Google Hangout (for details email socialenterprise (at)

Ashoka and Georgetown Law, along with the University of Michigan Law School and the George Washington University Law School, are engaged in a partnership to contribute to the field of social enterprise law and provide legal support to Ashoka Fellows (see more on this collaboration here). Our collaborative approach is two-prong: First, through experiential learning courses, including the transactional law clinics at each school, law students collaborate to develop and share “best practices” for the sector through production of legal toolkits and research that helps Ashoka further its charitable mission, and support the field. Second, law students at each school (through transactional law clinics) provide direct legal representation to selected social enterprises within Ashoka’s network on business, corporate, nonprofit, and other transactional legal matters. The legal case studies that will be presented at the May 9th event are part of this collaborative effort. With the legal case studies we hope to illuminate some of the legal issues that social enterprises face and identify how social enterprise attorneys are adapting current legal and regulatory regimes to fit their clients’ social purposes. The Georgetown Law students will discuss crowdfunding, securities law, corporate governance, and U.K. community interest companies, among other topics. The legal case studies will be posted on Ashoka’s new legal website (launching this summer I believe).

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