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Professor Haskell Murray (Regent) has been busy!

First, his most recent article, Defending Patagonia: Mergers & Acquisitions with Benefit Corporations, will be published soon in the Hastings Business Law Journal. In the article, Professor Murray analyzes whether and how the Revlon and Unocal line of cases will be interpreted and applied to mergers and acquisitions involving benefit corporations. This is completely unchartered territory, so Professor Murray cleverly uses Patagonia, a well-known benefit corporation, as an example to illustrate his analysis. The article is very interesting and informative, and it may be found on SSRN here.

Second, Professor Murray and his wife, Katie, just welcomed their first born into the family! David McGahan Murray was born healthy and happy on April 3, 2013. Young David weighed in at a solid 8lbs 9oz, so all the NFL scouts have been alerted. Congrats Haskell and Katie!

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