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At the upcoming Association of American Law Schools (“AALS”) Annual Meeting, the Nonprofit and Philanthory Law Section is hosting a panel dedicated to legal issues related to social enterprise. 

The panel will take place from 4:00 p.m. until 5:45 p.m. in the Windsor conference room on the third floor of the Hilton New Orleans Riverside.

Dana Brakman Reiser (Brooklyn) will serve as moderator and the panelists will present papers (on the topics listed) in the following order.

Melanie Leslie (Cardozo) –  proposing a joint venture-based framework for social enterprises

Haskell Murray (Regent) – jurisidictional competion and social enterprise

Richard Schmalbeck (Duke) – tax law and social enterprise

Cass Brewer (Georgia State) – also discussing tax law and social enterprise

Alicia Plerhoples (Georgetown) –  pedagogy, focused on teaching social enterprise

I am looking forward to the panel, and I am glad that Dana has organized this group to discuss a number of the legal issues in this emerging space. 



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