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Have you ever tried to organize a social enterprise and find yourself frustrated by your options for legal structure? Well… we know the feeling. As a social entrepreneur and an attorney, I’ve dealt with this frustration both personally and on behalf of my clients.

As a leader of a social enterprise, you are an innovator, but the current structures stifle that innovation. You are forced to chose between two out-moded options: either organize as a for-profit or nonprofit entity, and maybe use some Frankenstein-like techniques to find something that sort of works, but is sub-optimal to say the least. The bottom line is that neither the for-profit not the nonprofit entity addresses the needs of social enterprise.

There must be a new road forward.

Fortunately, there is a group of legal minds around the country that are starting to cut a new road across the U.S. legal landscape. We are creating a new corporate form that will empower social enterprises. This is an exciting time in the social enterprise movement as a whole, but specifically in the legal structures supporting the movement.

This blog is a space dedicated to discuss and disseminate information on the legal structures, both old and new, including Nonprofit, For-Profit, L3C, the For-Benefit Corporation and other emerging legal structures connected to the social enterprise movement. We hope that be aggregating and curating the knowledge about this area of law, social enterprises will have an understanding of all their options, and make decisions that will set them up for success.

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